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What you need to know about the security industry

Companies or organizations that utilize security are in a predicament these days.
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The Problem with the Security Industry Today

The security industry is undergoing a major shift. Why is that a problem?

There is a consolidation through acquisition of security companies in the United States. This trend is negatively affecting security industry clients in several serious ways.

The largest security companies are buying the regional and midsized companies.

The intention is to take the parent company public for profit driven reasons. These consolidations cause issues for customers in unsuspecting ways. There are times when the acquiring company used to provide security for the client and now through acquisition, the client is forced to take the security provider back because, the largest companies are buying up all the competition. One of the first things these conglomerates do is cut the management staff that ensures quality levels. They do this because the management and executive level positions are typically the highest paid in an organization. This process is an immediate positive effect to the bottom line of the security conglomerate. But, it takes time for the conglomerate to start losing contracts due to poor performance. Communication between clients and the security provider do not improve. We hear these complaints every day from frustrated security clients getting out of that cycle.

Customer Service, management and supervision are costly.

When security companies are owned by private equity groups or other financial institutions, the goal is to drive profits in order to sell the company for the most money. There is a common formula for this type of rollup. Eliminating customer service, management and supervision provide an immediate increase the profitability. The effect of this trick takes time to affect the security company’s sales. Most security clients don’t like to switch companies quickly. So, they give the security company several chances or may not even realize there is a drop in service for a little while. The security conglomerate is betting on this because they can exit and sell their company for profit before too many security clients realize what’s going on. Arrow Security makes Customer Service a priority.

Client size, Security conglomerates have massive contracts.
They may provide one client tens of thousands of security guard hours per week. These types of security companies focus their efforts on keeping only the largest of their clients happy because, losing those contracts would have an immediate effect on their profits and ability to sell their company or take the company public. Here at Arrow Security, we are committed to treating all our customers in the same way. We deliver the same quality of security and protection whether you represent a large contract or a smaller one. If a company entrusts us with protecting them, we take that honor and trust seriously. Every time
Size does matter, in this case.
Security conglomerates are too disconnected and smaller companies don’t have the resources and capabilities to stay in compliance with the ever-increasing rules, regulations and complexities of being in business today. The mid-sized companies have mostly sold to the security conglomerates. Where’s the ideal size security company – mid-sized. Arrow Security is able to compete with the largest of companies in our service areas and still able to provide great service and most importantly – maintain great customer service, supervision and flexibility.
Change, it’s understandable the hesitancy in switching security companies.
This is a unique time in the security industry. Potential clients worry about the quality of the new company or their reliability. We’ve seen the competition promise the world knowing full well they won’t be able to deliver the service. Again, this is motivated by the security conglomerates looking to boost sales because of their exit strategy.
Guard agencies are trying to offer too many services.
Your cleaning company shouldn’t be your security agency. Companies installing your camera system can’t focus on security guard service. How do these companies even split their time when they are such diversity in their services? They start the day at 9 AM and say let’s focus on the security guard service but, only until 11 AM because then we have to worry about installing alarms, and then at 12 PM we have to put our janitorial hats on and then who knows what. We provide security guards at Arrow Security. If you want to security guard in a car, we can do that. If you want security guard with a gun, we can do that. If you want to an alarm, a camera system, your office cleaned, an armored car, door locks, or consulting, then sadly we can’t help you
Invoicing – Customer complaints about invoicing are more common than one would think.
Arrow Security invoices on a weekly basis. We can provide as much or as little detail about shifts, hours, and which security guards worked. We email these invoices on a weekly basis and offer ACH payment remittance to make things even easier on our customers.

This consolidation has never been seen before in this industry. We know this because Arrow Security has been in business for 35 years. We aren’t promising that there will never be any problems. We will promise that we will always be here to address those problems with our supervision, management and ownership.

Why Arrow Security Is Different

Arrow Security is unmatched in our ability to offer your organization effective security solutions while staying well within your budget. There are several unique differentiators that make Arrow Security stand out among other companies.

The Arrow Security Advantage

Arrow Security provides over 1.5 million hours of security guard service each year. We protect billions of dollars in property and assets. Here is some of the reasons why you should consider utilizing Arrow:

• Customer service is a priority. We make it easy for our clients to get a hold of us. Right on our website homepage there is a tab for customer service. Take a look and see if your current security company and say the same thing.

• Supervision, management, and our executive team are accessible to our clients. Many times we are called in to help with the most difficult situations a company faces. Having that team always available to our clients is what separates us from the competition.

• GSA Contract – There are over 8,000 security guard companies in the United States. Only XXX our screened, vetted and approved to receive a federal GSA contract. The United States Department of Defense issues certifications for security agencies that are permitted to work with the government and governmental contractors. Arrow Security again is one of those very few companies that maintain that level of service and integrity.

• Offering options such as our motor patrol service and alarm response helps our clients by offering cost-effective solutions while broadening security coverage. These options can greatly assist our clients. These services are less costly to our clients and in many cases can help create a solution. The competition rarely offers these services because they are a fraction of the cost of hourly security guard service. 

• Unlike other security companies, Security Guard Services is our Specialty – Not cleaning, building services, or facility management, cameras, money transport etc.

• We pay attention to what’s most important to our clients. We listen to prospective clients and the problems they face with their security provider. Eliminating those problems is our commitment.

• We strive to make our service as flawless as possible. From on boarding our clients, supervising our staff, seeking out the best employees, utilizing the best technology, making sure there’s always people on our side ready, willing, and able to assist our clients with any issues or difficulties they may be facing.

• Arrow Security has its own In-house Dispatch Center, which operates 24 hours, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. 

• Valuing our employees helps not just us, but our clients as well. If Arrow Security can excel at sourcing and screening the best security guards, then there’s less turnover and more consistency for our clients. We utilize technology to onboard our staff and pay attention to what matters to each employee. We do our best to play security guards with their best suited to work. Schedules that work for people in proximity to their home has proven to be an excellent tool in attracting and retaining the best possible security guard staff. We also seek out the most qualified and committed supervisors and managers that can handle whatever issues were difficulties may arise. 

Security Guard Services

Arrow Security strives for complete 100% security guard coverage and consistently provides 99.9% of scheduled hours on a weekly basis. Find out why Arrow Security can accomplish this level of service repeatedly and the scope of services our security guard force performs.

Job Opportunities with Arrow Security

Are you interested in becoming an Arrow Security Guard?

We are offering more than just a simple security guard job. We provide opportunities to qualified individuals to have rewarding careers in a growing industry. We provide comprehensive training, partnership with the right people, competitive pay and benefits, and excellent working conditions. We also provide advancement opportunities for deserving employees.

We are always looking for individuals who want to build long-term careers in the security industry.

Award-Winning Security Services at the Best Prices

For more than 30 years America’s most renowned companies have trusted Arrow Security for our unmatched security services. Security and protection should not come at a prohibitive price tag.





Testimonials from Arrow Security Clients:

“I don’t have to worry about ‘what ifs’ and that’s important to me.”



“We project that they will be our security company for many years to come.”



“With Arrow, we get what we pay for, which is professionalism.”


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