What To Expect

More than just security.

With Arrow Security, you can expect a seamless start up process, which includes the following:

  1. Obtaining Licenses
  2. Review of Start-Up Manual
  3. Training With Corporate HQ
  4. Securing an Office
  5. Office Equipment & Systems Setup
  6. Soliciting Business
  7. Hiring & Recruiting

OBTAINING LICENSING: (1+ months) Obtain any required licenses, as required by your area’s governing body.

REVIEW & APPROVAL OF START-UP MANUAL: (1+ weeks) You need to complete a thorough review of the Arrow Security Franchise or Partner Start-Up Manual (depending on how you choose to work with Arrow) in the initial phase of the Set Up process. The Acceptance Form must be completed, signed and submitted to the corporate offices before start of training.

TRAINING: (1 week) Training with the corporate office is required and covers many aspects regarding the operational matters of Arrow Security. Items covered include: Advertising, marketing materials, all forms necessary to the management of operating the business, educational training pertinent to security operations and procedural training with all key functions of the corporate office.

SECURE AN OFFICE: (1+ months) Following training, you need to secure office space for your Arrow Security location.

OFFICE EQUIPMENT & SYSTEMS: (1 week) The software that Arrow Security uses to manage the majority of its business processes is Valiant. Installation of the Valiant, among other widely used software programs such as QuickBooks, ProPayroll, and the Microsoft Office package, is necessary and will facilitate the operation of your business. At this phase of the set up process, purchasing all relevant office equipment will be required, such as desks, computers, printers, general office supplies, etc.

SOLICITING BUSINESS: (Ongoing) Upon settling in and establishing an Arrow Security office location, you are ready to begin soliciting business. At this point, you will be required to follow and execute our Sales standard operating procedures.

COMPLIANCE & RECRUITING: (Ongoing) When your business begins to prosper, you’ll need to begin performing recruitment initiatives.

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