Arrow Security provides over 1.5 million hours of security guard service each year

We protect billions of dollars in property and assets. Here is some of the reasons why you should consider utilizing Arrow:

  • Customer service is a priority. We make it easy for our clients to get a hold of us. Right on our website homepage there is a tab for customer service. Take a look and see if your current security company and say the same thing.
  • Supervision, management, and our executive team are accessible to our clients. Many times we are called in to help with the most difficult situations a company faces. Having that team always available to our clients is what separates us from the competition.
  • GSA Contract – There are over 8,000 security guard companies in the United States. Only XXX our screened, vetted and approved to receive a federal GSA contract. The United States Department of Defense issues certifications for security agencies that are permitted to work with the government and governmental contractors. Arrow Security again is one of those very few companies that maintain that level of service and integrity.
  • Offering options such as our motor patrol service and alarm response helps our clients by offering cost-effective solutions while broadening security coverage. These options can greatly assist our clients. These services are less costly to our clients and in many cases can help create a solution. The competition rarely offers these services because they are a fraction of the cost of hourly security guard service.
  • Unlike other security companies, Security Guard Services is our Specialty – Not cleaning, building services, or facility management, cameras, money transport etc.
  • We pay attention to what’s most important to our clients. We listen to prospective clients and the problems they face with their security provider. Eliminating those problems is our commitment.
  • We strive to make our service as flawless as possible. From on boarding our clients, supervising our staff, seeking out the best employees, utilizing the best technology, making sure there’s always people on our side ready, willing, and able to assist our clients with any issues or difficulties they may be facing.
  • Arrow Security has its own In-house Dispatch Center, which operates 24 hours, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.
  • Valuing our employees helps not just us, but our clients as well. If Arrow Security can excel at sourcing and screening the best security guards, then there’s less turnover and more consistency for our clients. We utilize technology to onboard our staff and pay attention to what matters to each employee. We do our best to play security guards with their best suited to work. Schedules that work for people in proximity to their home has proven to be an excellent tool in attracting and retaining the best possible security guard staff. We also seek out the most qualified and committed supervisors and managers that can handle whatever issues were difficulties may arise.




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