Company Profile

Arrow Security has its headquarters in Smithtown, NY and has offices in Florida, Connecticut, Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Arizona. We provide professional security guards to organizations from various industries and fields.

Arrow Security is a recognized leader among security companies in the United States. We provide effective solutions for a wide variety of routine and more complicated security challenges. We offer highly effective armed and unarmed security guards, innovative surveillance and access control systems, and expert security consultants.

Whether your need is for individual security, large event security or anywhere in between, our security company provides a professional, high-value service like no other security agency. Arrow Security has the knowledge and expertise to make clients feel safe by providing top-notch protective services.

Our Security Guards are Subject to a Strict Training Protocol

At Arrow Security, we believe that there is no substitute for properly trained security guards. When you choose Arrow Security to be your security company, you can expect our guards who are among the most highly trained in the industry.

Some companies allow their guards to take shortcuts to avoid mandatory training, but here at Security USA®, we subject our guards to even more training than what their license requires to make sure that they can deliver the kind of quality security services that our clients have come to expect.

Our unarmed security guards are required to complete all of the following training:

● 8-hour unarmed security guard course in a security school approved by NY State DCJS (Department of Criminal Justice Services).

● 16 Hour on the job training (OJT) course for unarmed security guards taken at a security school approved by NY State DCJS.

● Mandatory training at the location of assignment on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as per specification for each location (ranges from 1 day to 3 days). Every guard must pass a test on the SOP.

● Twice a year mandatory training for 2-4 hours at an affiliated security school for the particular industry (schools, construction sites, residential buildings, etc.) in which the security officer serves.

Arrow Security executive management team is comprised of both combat veterans as well as retired members of the NYPD. As former military veterans and members of the Police force, our management has decades of hands-on training and experience dealing with various phases of security such as emergency response planning, crowd control, disaster recovery, intelligence gathering, investigations, bomb detection, and international and domestic terrorism.

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