Job Opportunities with Arrow Security

Why should you consider working at Arrow Security?

First, we value and appreciate each and every person we work with. There’s lots of choices of companies to work for and we do our best to live up to the expectations the people we work with have in a company.

Second, we create opportunities for advancement within the company. Sometimes, our coworkers seek careers in law enforcement for example and if we can help and mentor our coworkers to reach higher levels than that’s perfectly fine with us. Although we are sad when they leave for another career, we are happy that one of our family may be going on to a rewarding career. Many of those same people continue to work with Arrow Security on a part-time basis or when they retire from their career.

Third, we pay attention to what’s important to the people we work with and here’s what we offer

  • We pay on a weekly basis
  • Direct deposit
  • Paid holidays*
  • Corporate Perks **
  • Online access payroll information including W-2s
  • Career advancement
  • Online application
  • Flexible scheduling

*Benefits and holidays may differ according to state and may be customer specific


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