Security Guard Services

Arrow Security strives for complete 100% security guard coverage and consistently provides 99.9% of scheduled hours on a weekly basis. Find out why Arrow Security can accomplish this level of service repeatedly and the scope of services our security guard force performs.

Since security guard service is all we do here, it allows us to focus 100% on providing our clients with the best service we can deliver. Many companies diversify in order to make as much money all the client as possible. Arrow security has a much simpler philosophy. We strive to create the best relationship with our clients, because protecting our clients is why we are in business. 24 hours, seven days a week our only focus is on perfecting our security guard service. We do not provide alarm installation, armored cars, cleaning services, security cameras, security dogs, or anything else companies try to somehow couple together with security guard service. While they are worrying about how to offer as many services as possible, we are concentrating on nothing but our core competency which is security guard service.

Our management staff will custom tailor a program to provide the best possible coverage for you while keeping in mind a budget.

Sometimes prospective clients like some of the security guard staff they currently have but, desire to replace others. We work with our new clients on retaining the staff they want to keep and improve in areas that are falling short.

Because our only focus is on security guard service, we continue to evolve in areas like recruitment, on boarding, screening, scheduling, retention, and employee satisfaction. Arrow Security works with our clients on providing the most competitive compensation and benefit packages to our security guards. Clients find us to be honest and direct with our service level expectations and capabilities. We will not sell you something we cannot deliver.

Guard Levels

We have three guard levels for our officers:

Silver Service Level

Licensed, bonded and trained


Gold Service Level

Licensed, bonded, highly trained, police/military background, or 1-10 years of security experience

Platinum Service Level

Licensed, bonded, highly trained, police/military background, or 10+ years of security experience.

Custom Service Level

Specific skills, training, certification and experience levels can be provided for the highest level protection available

Options available for security guard service

Unarmed or armed

Unarmed or armed

Marked security vehicle

Uniform styles CPR trained

Alarm response (see below)

Security patrol services (see below)

Security Patrol Services

Arrow Security is one of the few companies capable of offering Security Patrol Service. Security Patrols are conducted Security patrols are conducted by Arrow’s trained supervisors, alarm responders and mobile guards who visit and inspect your location. Many companies enjoy this type of service because it creates the presence of security without paying the hourly cost of having the security guard on-site.

Most companies don’t offer this service because of the high cost of maintaining a fleet of security vehicles, the cost of supervision, and the management of that staff. Arrow’s philosophy allows us to put more supervision and management on the road each day and supplement the cost with these additional services. So, if there is an emergency, or an issue with one of our security guards being late we can dispatch one of our security patrol supervisors to fill in while a suitable replacement is found..

Arrow Security mobile patrol services provide:

Marked and Unmarked Security Vehicles

● Marked and Unmarked Security Vehicles

● Visible patrol units outfitted with onboard dispatch and GPS and all the equipment guards might need for emergencies

● Tight patrol zones for fast response

● Two dispatcher centers open 24/7/365 means we’re always ready to handle your unforeseen situations and emergencies

These are just some of the benefits that your organization can receive from Arrow Security Patrol Services.

Alarm Response

What happens when a security alarm is tripped? In most cases, you’re notified of the alert, but then what? Responding to the alert may present a potentially dangerous situation and reporting the event to the police may subject you to a fine for a false alarm.

With Arrow Security’s Alarm Monitoring and Response Service, our 24/7-accecible professional security team is notified whenever your burglar or fire alarm system is activated, at which time we take on the role of first responder to determine the cause, and whether emergency help is needed and, if not, to reset your alarms and make sure your property is secure. With Arrow Security’s Alarm Monitoring and Response Service, you don’t have to:

Return to work after hours
Respond to false alarms
Put yourself or your employees at risk
Pay overtime to employees for responding to alarms

    Arrow Security notifies you and the proper authorities if there is an emergency or situation. If not, you’ll simply read about it in our report the next morning.

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